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Thank you for visiting Janice-Scott.com — The Official Site For Author and Priest Janice Scott.

Whether this is your first visit or one of many, whether you're just dropping by or are a regular visitor, I'm glad you're here. If you have a moment, do read my Blog and take a look at my new book, Children's Stories from the Village Shepherd. Although entitled 'Children's Stories', each story is aimed at adults as well as children and can be understood at an adult level as well as a child's level. Some adult groups use the stories as discussion starters for Bible Study/Discussion.

Stories With a Message
You'll have guessed by now that each story conveys a message. Not an in-your-face, Bible-bashing message, but a gentle message about something of what it means in real life to live as a Christian.

As a priest, I'm required to preach every Sunday. But I've discovered that people listen best when they hear a story, so I make a point of always beginning my sermons with an illustration. I have a good precedent — didn't Jesus use stories to get his message across? I remember a few sermons, such as the 'Sermon on the Mount', but Jesus mainly engaged with the crowds through the medium of story.

People to Thank
I'd like to thank those who have been wonderful to me on this publishing journey. Special thanks to Tim Runk for creating this beautiful website and the CSS Publishing staff for setting up The Village Shepherd site and deciding to publish my book. I couldn't be more appreciative. I'd also like to thank my family — husband Ian, son Alexander and daughters Fiona and Rebecca. Their love and support for me has never wavered. Thanks to you all. So, please stay awhile. Look around the website. You'll notice an excerpt from my book, some snippets from sermons, biography information, and lots more. Thanks again for stopping by. God bless, and love and prayers.
— Janice Scott.